About CSC

Corrective Skincare® is a full product line available in spas and retailers across the US and Asia. It was founded in 1986 by skin care veteran and Master Esthetician Gale Roberts with one goal in mind: seek out the best of nature and science to create innovative skincare with the highest quality, purest and most effective ingredients to truly change, nurture and regenerate skin. This innovative line is built on the core principles of formulating high levels of unique key ingredients like Peptides, Spin trap and Epidermal Growth Factor, the philosophy that skincare routines should be ever-changing for consistent results or Skinercise®, and that customization for each skin type is crucial for a real difference that can be felt and seen.

With quality at the helm of all Corrective Skincare® products, they are Chirally Correct – the result of organic synthesis and advanced purification for easy utilization by the skin and are formulated with organic and pure ingredients. Corrective Skincare® addicts can’t live without the new glow, clarity and youth, CSC® has given their faces through unique fan favorites like age fighting epidermal growth factor, oxy respiration (which actually helps skin utilize the air to grow new cells), refreshing Tea Tree Scrub and Medicated Lime Aid Moisturizer to help soothe and heal acneic and/or rosacea skin types.