Rejuvea Cream: Botox In A Bottle

We’re about to let you in on our best kept skincare secret for anti-aging: snake venom. Well, more specifically, the chemical makeup of snake venom. Let’s break it down.

The peptide synthesis that occurs in the elusive Temple Viper’s venom targets neuromuscular activity and actually “freezes” muscle contractions. So, if we take that tri-peptide sequence, mimic it synthetically, and add it into a skincare product, it does the same thing to your face on a smaller scale. AKA: Botox in a bottle! 

But don’t worry, we’re not talking about scary frozen faces here. This revolutionary skincare secret comes in the form of a patented ingredient called Syn-Ake (perfect name, huh?) Once it’s penetrated into the skin, it begins targeting the muscle receptors that move in our face and cause wrinkles. Over time, it will gently inhibit muscle contractions, and relax those areas. Less muscle contractions=less wrinkles!

Here at Corrective Skin Care, we wanted to create an anti-aging product that actually gives you an age killing effect. So, we created Rejuvea with Syn-Ake.. But, of course, we didn’t stop there. 

Our Rejuvea cream is also formulated with Phytessence Wakame-Undaria Pinnatifida, which is basically just a super long name for a very powerful type of brown algae native to the Sea of Japan. This ingredient maintains skin elasticity, firmness, and smoothness; all of which should be a key component in any anti-aging product. As we age, our skin cells lose the ability to regenerate as quickly as they did when we were younger, that’s why it’s important to use products that promote cell renewal. 

Another key ingredient in Rejuvea is Hema’Tite. Essentially, it’s an iron rich extract that comes from magma rock. It stimulates collagen synthesis, and helps to restore resilience and tone to the skin. Not to mention, it’s also the main source of Rejuvea’s luxuriously moisturizing feel. Seriously, it’s hard not to want to lather it all over your body because of how refreshing and rejuvenated it feels on the skin. 

All of these powerful ingredients, amongst many others, come together to create the best anti-aging moisturizing cream on the market. But don’t just take our word for it, Rejuvea has been shown to reduce forehead wrinkles by 52%, and reduce the frequency of contractions of inverted muscle cells by 82%. 

Another quick note: Rejuvea is perfect for those who get botox, because it actually aids in keeping those results longer. In fact, we’re constantly hearing feedback from our ride-or-die Rejuvea users that they’ve started getting botox injections less frequently. Big win all around, right? 

We could go on and on about our love for Rejuvea, but we’ll leave you with one last tidbit: the scent! Most skincare products that contain fast-acting anti-aging ingredients tend to smell, well, like a hospital. But not Rejuvea. We’ve formulated it with a lovely natural rose fragrance that’s both light and ethereal. 

So, have we converted you yet? You can learn even more about Rejuvea here, and if you’re tempted, you can bite the bullet and try it out for yourself! Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions, or want more skincare recommendations for anti-aging products. 

Talk soon!  

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