Zeolite Scrub: The Best Skin Detox

Have you ever cleansed your face and still felt like it wasn’t…clean? With all the environmental toxins, debris, oil, and bacteria your skin picks up throughout the day, it’s important to wash your face with products that actually detox, and rid your skin of all that nastiness. But, those toxins can be clingy and hard to purge without causing irritation, so most products on the market don’t even venture into deep detox territory. That’s why we created our Zeolite Scrub!

To put it simply, Zeolite gets in and does all the dirty work without disrupting the balance of your skin. It’s formulated with Cage Zeolites, which are crystalline hydrated silicates that serve as molecular cages. Essentially, those “cages” trap toxins on the skin and break them down so they can be easily washed away. This is crucial because most environmental toxins are insoluble unless they are chemically deconstructed. So that “unclean” feeling that still lingers after scrubbing your face is probably happening because a lot of that debris hasn’t budged. It needs that Zeolite action!

All of this chemical activity sounds like it would be aggressive and harsh on the skin, but it’s actually a very gentle exfoliant. Another key component in Zeolite are the natural jojoba beads. Unlike many other exfoliating beads that scratch and irritate the skin, natural jojoba is much gentler and non-intrusive. It polishes and clarifies the skin without feeling aggressive and “scrub-like.”

So, long story short: our Zeolite Scrub is a gentle “detox-er” that leaves your skin rejuvenated and free of environmental toxins. Its capabilities go above and beyond any other scrub out there.

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