Sunblock With Natural Botox? Hello, Anti-Aging Tripeptide Sunscreen!

Believe it or not, your sunscreen can reverse the signs of aging while still protecting your skin from the sun. And why shouldn’t it? After all, the biggest culprit of fine lines and wrinkles is sun exposure; so why not protect and restore that youthful radiance at the same time? Cue our fan-favorite Anti-Aging Tripeptide Sunscreen! We’re breaking down its powerful ingredients, luxurious formulation, and why it’s guaranteed to be a staple in your everyday skincare routine.

You’ve heard us talk about the correlation between snake venom and anti-aging (if you haven’t, read up on the fascinating science in our Rejuvea post). But to summarize, the chemical complex in snake venom is basically the key to anti-aging heaven. It slows neuromuscular activity, which retroactively freezes muscle contractions. Less muscle contractions = less wrinkles, so scientists have developed this chemical process synthetically for skincare products with the ingredient Syn-Ake.

Once penetrated into the skin, Syn-Ake carefully targets muscle receptors that move in our face and cause wrinkles. Over time, it gently inhibits contractions and relaxes those areas. This reduces those fine lines, and just like botox, aids in freezing further wrinkle-causing muscle movement. So basically, Syn-Ake is the most powerful anti-aging ingredient on the market, and that’s why we knew we needed to put it in a sunscreen.

We don’t want to sound like a broken record, but you really should be applying sunscreen every day (and reapplying multiple times a day if you’re in constant sun exposure). It’s crucial for your skin’s health, and for preserving youthful elasticity and collagen production. We’re well aware that it can feel like a chore and unnecessary step in your skincare routine. But, with the added anti-aging benefits, hydrating complex, and refreshing lavender oils in our Anti-Aging Tripeptide Sunscreen, you’ll be converted to the “never-leaving-the-house-without-sunblock” community.

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